Donate a God is Greater than the Ups and Downs T-Shirt

Donate a God is Greater than the Ups and Downs T-Shirt

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We all have that someone in our past.  That someone who we dont talk much about anymore.  That someone who was taken too soon.  That someone that felt they didnt belong on Earth anymore.  That someone that turned to suicide as their only option.

With your help, we want to prevent that someone from making the ultimate mistake.

That someone, with this literal gift from God, could still be here today.  Could still be one phone call away, right down the hallway, or right down the street.

Our research shows, that the more our message is spread, the more lives we can save, with your help.

Please take the time to consider donating a God is Greater than the Ups and downs T-Shirt to someone in need.  This small token of appreciation goes a long ways.

To further this offer, SundayPray has agreed to pay for half of the T-Shirt donation cost.  With a small donation of 9.50, you are bringing that someone back.  This small donation is literally a LIFESAVER.